What Katie Ate

When it comes to deciding what to prepare for dinner in my house, a typical pre-supper conversation loosely follows the theme of this gem of a site. In this sense, there is often a fair amount of indecision and foul language. In a perfect world making dinner would take the lead from What Katie Ate – a blog that is equally concerned with tantalising the taste buds and presenting food that is a feast for the eyes.

Created by food stylist and photographer Katie Quinn Davies, What Katie Ate features posts on gourmet food produce and packaging, restaurants, food photography and other foodie-related news; however, it is Davies’ own photography and recipes that really get me excited. Sure, food blogs are a dime a dozen, but I love how Davies’ blog focuses on dishes that are simple, delicious and, most importantly, achievable with the ingredients found in the majority of kitchen pantries. With a stylishly rustic photography aesthetic and refreshingly unpretentious prose, What Katie Ate is really code for What Danica Wants to Eat. Please excuse me while I tend to my food cravings.


July 27, 2010