The Mast Brothers Chocolate: A Video by The Scout

The Scout is beginning to really piss me off. First they do two amazing videos, one with leather goods makers Billykirk and another with interior design impresarios Roman & William, and now they’re at it again with a feature on the Mast brothers and their craft chocolate enterprise.

The Mast Brothers have been making quite the rounds lately, you might remember the video I posted about them a bit ago that Cool Hunting did. The Scout video above differs from their approach, which focused more in the production side of things. In this video you get to hear more about their inspirations as well as their love of craft and sail boats. 

The whole thing is amazingly shot as well. I was watching it on my iPad (yep, you read that right) and it’s comparable to food porn in some spots. An inspiring way to start your day. 


July 27, 2010