Zara Picken

The work of British illustrator Zara Picken instantly transports the viewer to a time when housewives wore pearl necklaces while baking cakes, jazz music was played on ornate gramophones and social relationships were conducted with a sense of reserved grace. Certainly, Picken’s nostalgia-tinged, mid-20th century-inspired illustrations would be perfect for a campaign pitched by the advertising team from Mad Men.

The clever combination of digital and handmade elements provides Picken’s imagery with a delicious retro feel that is simultaneously modern. The humour that is present in all of her illustrations also adds to the appeal of her work – who wouldn’t want a “genie-us” wish machine? I also thought it most appropriate that one of her illustrations features none other than a black fox.

You can view more of Picken’s illustrations on her portfolio, flickr and etsy shop.


July 26, 2010