I Knit Brisbane

I am currently in Brisbane, Queensland attending an architecture conference and was intrigued when Linda Carroli, one of the opening plenary speakers, alluded to the I Knit Brisbane project. Walking around the inner city on the weekend, it was interesting to note that there was not much in the way of street art or graffiti, but had I arrived a month earlier the urban spaces of Brisbane would have looked quite warm and fuzzy.

The brief for the project suggests that the central aim of  I Knit Brisbane was to ceremoniously prepare the city for its rather mild winter; however, Carroli also emphasised that this style of folk craft renovation is also integral to altering and beautifying ugly aspects of urban architecture. Based on the comments left on the I Knit Brisbane site, the public’s reactions to the wool installations have been mixed. While some see the magic in the concept, others have claimed that it wastes time and resources that could be better used to clothe the homeless. Personally, I think it is a really exciting way to transform the city’s architectural facades and would like to see some guerilla knitters stitching wool on urban structures in other cities. Is this a call to arms…uh…needles? Why, yes it is!


July 23, 2010