Some Musings on Tie-dye

There is a scene in the first season of The Mighty Boosh in which Vince Noir, who for this episode has become the self-proclaimed “king of the mods”, meets Tommy, a die-hard rocker. They have a brief – albeit rather pathetic – confrontation that made me think about one’s allegiances to fashion subcultures. Vince is always “buffeting about on the wings of fashion” and, throughout the show’s three series, also inhabits the uniform of a goth, a punk and an androgynous electro boy. In the same vein, fashion is an extraordinarily fickle beast and will never commit to just one look.

So where am I going with all of this reflection on mods and rockers and what not? As I’ve always felt a bit mod at heart, I have never been much of a fan of the hippie movement that heralded the death of mod culture. However, anyone who pays the slightest attention to the contemporary fashion climate will be aware that the tie-dye of the hippie era has once again made a comeback. It all began with the spring and summer collections in the Northern Hemisphere and has now even made its way to Australia. The frightening thing is that, after initally ignoring it, I have grown rather fond of the look.

Subtler colour combinations and intricate tie patterns have replaced the psychedelic, acid trip-inducing colour explosions of 1960s tie-dye. The majority of designs look soft and dreamy without venturing into “Groooovy, man” territory. Even a mod wannabe like me might just be able to pull it off. Will you?

Dip-dyed bowtie from Cavern Collection, Summer Storm bodysuit by Shabd, Joanne tee from Joie and tie-dye sleeveless shirt dress by Wikstenmade.   


July 21, 2010