Inspiration: Andrew Holder, Todd St. John & Jon Contino

Yesterday I came across a few minimal pieces from some of my favorite creative folks and thought I’d share it as a bit of inspiration. All of the images above have a really similar vibe to me, they’re extremely simple in color and form but still absolutely detailed and hard to fully understand at a glance.

The first piece is by Andrew Holder, it’s called Sun Chaser, and I love the chunky halftone pattern in the sky, it’s almost overwhelmingly busy. The second two sculptures are by one of my all-time favorites Todd St. John. These are from his series of intersections and I totally wish I could buy one of these, I’m really in love with them. To round things out is a drawing by Jon Contino, which is a beautiful bit of text with some nice weathering that makes it perfect.

Maybe you’ll gain a bit of inspiration from these as well?


July 21, 2010