Holga D Concept by Saikat Biswas

Taking an old standby and giving it a new twist is always a great design exercise and this rethink of the Holga by Saikat Biswas is quite a gem. I bought my first Holga about 7 years ago after hearing that people really enjoyed it for it’s inaccuracy and light leaks which in turn gave the photo some really interesting character. These days you’ll find Holgas all over the place now that Lomo has made them cool again, selling them in every Urban Outfitters in the world.

Saikat’s version though is a digital take on the classic, but with some interesting twists. My favorite idea is that the camera is digital, but there is no view screen to see the photos you’ve taken. This is totally interesting to me because you won’t know what your photos would look like until you download them, making it somewhat like a traditional photo development process. The features are also stripped down much like the original Holgas instead of the 8 million features you get on modern day digicams.

Overall I think the idea is extremely well thought out and is totally beautiful. If the digital version created the same kind of beautiful photos the real version did I’d be all over this. be sure to click here and check out the rest of the photos and (imaginary) features.

Found through Polkadot


July 19, 2010