Things Melting: Chocolate Easter Bunny & Ice

The first official day of summer was less than a month ago, and every day it feels more like the northern hemisphere is being bombarded by some kind of cosmic hairdryer. I enjoy the videos above not in spite of the heat, but because I can so closely identify with the ice cube and chocolate bunny. Yes, like the bunny, my eyeballs are drooping into the pool that used to be my skin.  Yes, I am sweating as much as a melting ice cube. And yes, it’s only 10AM and already 90 degrees.

The video of the melting bunnies is one of my favorites: from the spray-painted bananas to the ripples of chocolate streaming down the contours of the confection. The video of the melting ice cube is newer, and I think the pace is quite relaxing, especially if the heat has you stressed (that is, unless you live in Greenland.)

July 15, 2010