Things From Today

I thought I’d try something kinda’ new called Things From Today, which is just a collection of the randomness I come across that I never end up posting. These aren’t meant to be very deep, just fleeting ideas that made a tiny impression on me. I’ll try and do these every other day or so, let me know if you think this is interesting or dumb.

1) Samus Aran Asuka from Evangelion Cosplay: Pretty damn amazing. I’m sure this is the wet dreams of millions of nerds around the world.

2) Apple Face Time Videos: These made me cry. All of them.

3) Brown Leather Shorts from Bottega Veneta, shot by The Sartorialist: I could never wear these but I know a guy who kill for them.

4) Braun Atelier 1-7 Speaker L1, Designed by Dieter Rams: One of the most beautiful pieces of machonery in the world.

5) Muff Magazine, a magazine for hair lovers designed by Ramon Coronado: A great cover and filled with wonderful spreads and layouts.


July 14, 2010