Best Coast’s “Crazy for You” – Exclusive First Listen

I have to thank the kind folks at Urban Outfitters for transforming the monotony of what is a reasonably dull and grey winter’s day into a sun-drenched, raspberry popsicle-flavoured musical interlude. Although the first LP for Los Angeles-based band Best Coast will not be released until July 27 2010, Urban Outfitters are currently streaming the entire album for your listening pleasure and it is a cracker.

They also have a great feature interview with lead singer and songwriter Bethany Cosentino in which she divulges the details of her high school years, reveals her first crush and discusses mid-20s breakdowns. Coincidentally, these are some of the themes that subtly run through the lyrics of Crazy for You. It is definitely worth having a listen to their nostalgia-tinged, slightly melancholic pop whether you’re sitting on a beach or in front of a heater. Feel the warmth here.



July 14, 2010