Summer Structures

Although thousands of miles, or kilometers, separate Hyde Park and Long Island City, each is home to a contemporary art institution with an incredible summer building program.  In the case of Hyde Park, the Serpentine Gallery has a 10-year history of inviting celebrated architects to build on the lawn beside the gallery, giving Londoners a place to convene, listen to lectures, and take lots of photos. Most of the architects that have been a part of this program have a Pritzker Prize hiding under their layers of black clothing, and Jean Nouvel is no exception… but this is not the case in New York.

MoMA P.S.1‘s competition is for young, uppity architects to do something with the barren concrete labyrinths that surround the museum. This year the work of SO-ILPole Dance invites participants to play a game of volleyball that they can never win. Just kidding, Pole Dance is a playful construction of wobbly columns that support a net full of balls colored not dissimilarly from a Taco Bell, giving New Yorkers a place to jump toward balls, cool off in the pool or mist, and take lots of photos.

If you have been lucky enough to visit either pavilion (or some other great summer structure) please let us know. Also, is the AA pavilion not happening this year?


July 13, 2010