The Selby Is In Your Louis Vuitton

Todd Selby, internet photographer extraordinaire, paid a visit to the Japanese offices of Louis Vuitton last year and came back with a hand full of fun and totally over the top photos. It’s amazing to me just how insanely decadent their offices are, like I can’t even imagine walking into a place like you see in the photos above. That said, I’m totally jealous and wish I could sit around and drink champagne with these guys. Hey Louis Vuitton, let me come over and hang out in Tokyo!


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  1. Haley July 12, 2010 at 4:18 PM

    After seeing these photos of the immaculate Tatsuya Matsui and his beautiful robots on Selby’s site I became extremely enamored with this man and his work with Flower Robotics. Fashion and technology. I’ve decided that, today, I am totally in love with him. Thank you for my newest crush.

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