Grain & Gram

Last week saw the launch of a brand new blog called Grain & Gram, a site they’re describing as a gentlemen’s journal. So far there are only two posts, but they’re extremely well crafted and filled with beautiful images, videos and graphics. The images above are from an interview with Florida screenprinter and entrepreneur Nick Sambroto who runs a little silk screen shop called Mama’s Sauce (how amazing is that name?).

I’m not a huge fan of interviews but there’s something about the medium of this that I really enjoy. I think it’s the mixture of all kinds of mediums, not just words and pictures but BIG photos, plus video, plus a few cute graphics, all wrapped into one neat shell. I guess I imagine this is how a magazine might look if it was on the web. Not just a standard magazine treatment, but something more dynamic that takes advantage of the webs very vertical existence.

The whole thing was put together by the following guys, who I think deserve a lot of credit:

JonPaul Douglass

Aaron Martin

Danny Jones


July 12, 2010