Upon a Fold

Based in Sydney, Upon a Fold is an online paper store that specialises in papery bits and pieces that are perfect for folding, scribbling, writing, reading, creating, colouring and displaying. If there is a gorgeous product that utilises paper as its main material, then Upon a Fold probably has it in stock.

Browsing through the myriad goods on offer – divided into the categories of enjoy, give, read and write – I was overwhelmed by the charming selection of paper wares, including wee paper boats on which to write wishes, paper garlands for decorating and little cards for writing sweet nothings. Needless to say, I want one of everything!

The delightful paper products above are Wishboats, The Tiny Origami Animals Colouring Book, Match Post Its, and Spaceman Vampire Card.


July 9, 2010