When my dad begins a story with “when I lived in Sinop…” I know I’m probably about to hear a cautionary tale involving either hashish or international travel. Sinop is a town in northern Turkey, and the stories I’ve been fed growing up (along with a fascination of the Byzantine empire) have made me hunger for the Turkey.

Yekpare is a visual interpretation of the 8500 year history of Istanbul projected onto the side of the Haydarpa?a train station.  I’m kind of a sucker for any video that combines architecture and animation, and this video has some terrific moments although it is a bit lengthy. To be fair, it is covering 8500 years.  Some folks don’t even think the world is that old.  Could you tell the story of the world in 16 minutes?  How do you say ‘I really like it’ in Turkish? gerçekten çok seviyorum.

Yekpare was created through Nerdworking, a network of creative and technical professionals who “research and develop unique softwares and hardwares for artistic, commercial, experimental interactive media works for the public space, fairs and performing arts.”


July 8, 2010