Elisa Strozyk

German designer Elisa Strozyk takes everyday objects and skilfully re-imagines their properties and functions. For her “wooden textiles” series she is concerned with “giving importance to surfaces that are desirable to touch [that] can reconnect us with the material world and enhance the emotional value of an object.” Strozyk’s interest in touch, sensation and feeling is at the heart of her design practice that challenges perception. Playing with the user’s understanding of the tactility of wood, this series experiments with the perceived inflexibility of the material and attempts to transform interwoven wooden tiles into a soft textile. I have no idea what her finished designs actually feel like, but the visual effect of these deconstructed wooden mosaics is amazing. Definitely take a peek at Strozyk’s site if you’re interested in designs that fuse progressive creativity, functionality and beauty.



July 7, 2010