Tourist Magazine

For me, the word “tourist” has always given a slightly negative impression: I immediately think of loud and obtrusive foreigners sporting knee-high socks and sandals with neon-coloured bum bags (I believe you call them fanny packs in the States) tightly wound around their waists, as they cart around expensive cameras they don’t know how to use and large maps they probably don’t know how to read. Not the most appealing of images, I admit.

Brushing aside these unpleasant associations, Tourist Magazine is a new and exciting online magazine based in the United Kingdom. With four issues under its publishing belt, the magazine showcases a heady mix of art, fashion, interviews, music and cultural features; all accompanied by intelligent writing and gorgeous imagery. In particular, there is a raw and unpretentious aesthetic to Tourist Magazine that I really appreciate. As someone who is not overly interested in reading about cosmetic procedures, tips on how to snag a man or the latest celebrity gossip – the standard fare for many magazines – it is refreshing to come across a magazine focused on collaborating with diverse creatives types in an inspiring and fresh way.


July 6, 2010