Video for ‘Z’ by Tanlines featuring Glasser

Every now and again I come across a song that I feel compelled to play on repeat because no other song could possibly speak to my current mood with such intensity. Lately I have oscillated between “Icarus” by White Hinterland, which Bobby used to kick off this super mixcast, and “Z” by Tanlines.

Although the concept of the video is very unassuming and simple, I think it works really well with the music. The monotonous moving footage of an autumnal naturescape in Vermont is the perfect companion to the dreamy and upbeat tone of the song. I really like the video’s unpretentious and lo-fi quality, proving that you don’t need visual trickery and bells and whistles to produce an engaging music video. Mind you, I say this as someone who becomes instantly bored when confronted with a pouting and posturing lead singer, epilepsy-inducing editing, epic and overdone story lines and gyrating back-up dancers. I’ll take autumn leaves and sweet melodies over strobe lighting and flashy camera angles any day.


July 1, 2010