‘Cooking Dinner Vol. I’ by William Hereford

Imagine a cooking show that features beautiful cinematography, delicious recipes, beautiful old French music and none of the bloated egos that currently lurk on the Food Network. That’s the idea behind William Hereford’s newest video project Cooking Dinner Vol. 1. Hereford, along with Ithai Schori, prepare a simple, easy to make feast that has made my mouth water like you wouldn’t believe. But the visual nerd in me is drooling as well because the whole thing is shot like it’s something out of Gourmet Magazine. In his email to me Mr. Hereford described the videos as, “a motion-piece which combines typeface typical to magazines with video shot & edited to feel like a still photograph.”

In the future he’d love to create a series of these which you could view on say an iPad, swiping back and forth between scenes like flipping through the pages of a recipe book. Dear fancy magazine people, do yourself a favor and hire this guy, your cool factor will jump.


P.S. I was so inspired by this that I’m buying a duck breast to make this weekend and will be following this recipe. I’ll be posting photos so you can see how it turns out.

July 1, 2010