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Space Suit of the Week

Clone Spacemen is a set of 25 brave and curious space explorers as drawn by frogun.  I came across these while wandering around various flickr groups devoted to astronauts. The drawings are deliberately sparse, and even though I’m sad that some drawings didn’t make the cut, I still like the set. (Let’s be frank: Ronald McDonald deserves to be shot into space in a space suit that looks like something from Color the Weather with a Happy Meal for a rocket.)


Poketo for Target Sneak Peek

I must admit that I was more than a little envious when I took a look at the sneak peek for Target’s latest design collaboration. Teaming up with Poketo and a plethora of amazing artists, Target will officially launch the new line in stores on August 10 2010. The lookbook, featuring the beautiful Jeana Sohn, has been shot by über talented Ye Rin Mok and the few images that are currently available for viewing instantly make me want to purchase something (or everything) from the collection. Bearing that in mind, I suppose it is a hidden blessing that Target does not ship internationally, as I really have no concept of self-restraint when it comes to lovely objects.

You can find out more on the Poketo + Target micro-site.


The Pool Scene with Bill Murray from ‘Rushmore’

My friend Ryan was listening to Ruby Tuesday by the Rolling Stones earlier today which randomly made me start thinking about the scene above from Rushmore. This is probably one of my favorite scenes in a movie ever. There’s just something about seeing Bill Murray at his lowest, with his whole family hating him, totally drunk at this shitty kids’ birthday party. But what really seals the deal for me is the song playing the whole time, which is Nothin’ In The World Can Stop Me Worryin’ ’bout That Girl by The Kinks. It’s such a slow and somber song that makes you feel exactly like Bill Murray does.

Sit back and enjoy the next 1:17.


The Matthew Dear ‘Black City’ Totem and Preview

My friends over at Ghostly Records are back at it again with their newest innovation for Matthew Dear’s upcoming album, Black City. For the release they’re creating a 100 totems, small, abstract sculptures that are etched with a code that you enter at a website to stream and download the album. These totems are “cast in bonded aluminum with a hand-finished gun metal patina” and in my opinion are totally beautiful. It’s not only a physical piece of art that defines the music but a way to access music as well. Pretty genius.

The second video is a preview of some of the tracks off the new album. The font and imagery remind me of Michael Cina, who is a frequent collaborator, so I’m going to take a guess that it is. Turns out the packaging and design was created by Will Calcutt, who is also a frequent collaborator! No matter what it’s a great way to create a mood and a vibe for the album before you can listen to it fully. I’m really excited to hear this album, but possibly more excited to hold one of these totems. Click here to pre-order the album.


Kenneth Anger for Missoni

I’m totally in awe of this new Missoni ad directed by short film maker Kenneth Anger. I wasn’t very familiar with his work but after reading about him on WIkipedia, which is a pretty epic entry, the guy sounds amazing. He’s made a ton of short films in his life (he was born in 1927!), most of which have created quite a stir. He was also friends with people like Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page, who even created the music to some of his movies.

Well at the age of 83 Mr. Anger has created this beautiful short film for the Italian fashion houes Missoni. The short is a beautiful collage of images, ranging from beautiful women in patterned gowns, falling water, flowers blooming and moons rising… very Anger-esque imagery. It seems like Missoni is trying to brand itself as something much more edgy, as they just had Juergen Teller shoot their spring/summer 2010 campaign. I’m all for it, personally, I think they’re creating some wonderfully weird stuff.

Found through Selectism


‘Burnt Drive Drive’ by Scott Foley

After spending the vast majority of my morning viewing the superb collection of videos by Scott Foley on Vimeo, I have developed a rather intense crush. From his choice of music and layering of sound bites from other films to his dreamy and vintage aesthetic to the fonts of his titles, I am giddily in love with every element of Foley’s short films. So much so that I found it extremely difficult to choose just one video to share.

The featured video, “Burnt Drive Drive”, is simply described as “a cacophony of summer memory” and is accompanied by the gorgeous song “Lately (Deuxième)” by Memoryhouse. Unfolding in a series of mnemonic snapshots, Foley’s video conjures up the restless heat of summer days and hallucinatory travels on highways. I could continue rhapsodising, but I think I’ll just let the video speak for itself.


Kristof Luyckx & Michele Vanparys

So there might be— or there is, some repeated unicorn sodomy going on in this video, so don’t watch it around conservative, Christian unicorns or your boss. (Unless they’re into that.) But I love this video by Kristof Luyckx and Michele Vanparys because it’s fun to watch mischievous woodland and supernatural creatures. There’s also a psychoactive berry that we see traveling through the sectional anatomy of a bird’s digestive tract.  Other than people terrified of birds, people offended by unicorn sodomy and people disinterested in the metabolism of psychoactive drugs… I think we have a real winner for everyone’s enjoyment.


Things From Today

1) Poster for the film Notre Jour Viendra – It’s described as:

What do you do when you’re a red-haired teenage loser with no friends except for an older guy, your shrink? When everyone hates you, especially your family? When all your peers make fun of you and kick you around? The answer: you and your loser buddy blow all the cash you can get your hands on to buy a sportscar, you dress smart and you head for the land of redheads, Ireland. But what starts off as a search for an ideal, gradually escalates into a rampage of hate, violence and self-destruction.

Looks seriously intense, has boobs in the trailer, so NSFW.

2) Comme des Garcon Wallet – I’ve never seen this pattern before, looks sharp. Classic black but the detailing makes it special.

3) ‘Say Yes More Than No’ Poster by Anthony Burrill for Do Lectures – Great message with a bold presentation. Really well done (even though I still don’t believe in posters).

4) Monocle Mediterraneo – Monocle in newspaper form. It’s actually quite a nice format, so many big, beautiful photos.

5) New Norwegian National Opera and Ballet by Snøhetta – Such an amazing piece of architecture. I love how it interacts with the water, though I never thought about how it would look with snow and ice all around it… it looks even better.