Neverend Clocks featured in Dwell Magazine

I gotta’ say, this has been a pretty good year for myself and the blog. My first big accomplishment was having an art show, and now my second notch on the bed post is being featured in Dwell… well, the Neverend Clocks I collaborated on with Furni Creations and Dan Funderburgh. I’ve been reading Dwell magazine since just about the time it started and it’s slightly surreal and amazing to see Kitsune Noir written in there. A big thanks to Kyle Blue and Sam Grawe who may or may not have had anything to do with it.

And just as a heads there will be more clocks coming out in the coming months, we’re just taking a little break for the moment. But I can tell you the next two artists will make you poop yourself… yes, poop.


June 28, 2010