Mark McGinnis

Somewhere between the worlds or illustration and design lies the work of Mark McGinnis, a Brooklyn based artist who creates some really strong images. I use the word strong because everything I saw seemed to tell some kind of story, like they were way more than just pretty images. He has a great sense of color, as seen evidenced above, and the paint-y textures everywhere give his images a nice depth.

I put the funny car images at top because it reminded me of my Art Center at Night classes. I was taking a product and transportation design class so I was drawing 10 fully rendered car designs a week. For those who haven’t attempted such a thing it’s not easy, and coming up with new car shapes is a bit challenging. So I’d make up the most bullshit cars ever, like one that looked like a macaroni (and was inspired by the macaroni salad I consumed nonstop) and another that was fish shaped. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

Found through Beautiful/Decay


June 28, 2010