Wood Wood Spring/Summer 2010

Following a viewing of the nautical-themed designs for Wood Wood’s spring/summer collection, I was left with a decidedly summery feeling. The irony is that I am currently wearing three layers of clothing, my hands are a delightful shade of purple and I have wrapped myself in a blanket. On reflection, it is hardly a coincidence that I have featured garments from the Scandinavian label that could possibly be layered and worn during cooler weather. I didn’t do it on purpose, I promise.

Aside from blazers and light sweaters, their latest collection also includes swimwear, loose-silhouetted dresses and cute shorts. There is a nice aesthetic flow from the feminine pieces to the masculine garments that is united by the collection’s subdued palette and simple embellishments. To be honest, I would consider a few pieces from both the ladies’ collection and the menswear selection – such is the appeal of Wood Wood’s laid-back and effortless style.


June 25, 2010