Pantone Hotel

Conceived by interior designer Michel Penneman and architect Oliver Hannaert, the Pantone Hotel, which has recently opened in Brussels, is undoubtedly the ultimate place of rest for synesthetes and the colour-conscious. Although I have become accustomed to the sight of Pantone mugs in every second gift store, I am quite in awe of this new project that forms a part of the Pantone Universe. Mixing colour therapy and design, each room corresponds to one of seven palettes: earthy/rich (chocolate), daring/fiery (fuchsia), vibrant/intense (orange), cheerful/warm (lemon), captivating/esteemed/silky (pink), fresh/eager (green) and tranquil/exotic/exhilarating (aqua).

The actual interior design is relatively stripped back and minimalist in tone, which allows the individual colour palette utilised in each room to visually pop. If I were to visit the hotel in the near future, I think I would go for a pink room. There’s just something delightfully kitsch about the prospect of sleeping in a room that accords to a “captivating” and “silky” chromatic design.


June 22, 2010