Miller High Life Redesign

“The Champagne of Beers” is it’s tagline, and boy do I believe. Miller High Life, introduced to me by my buddy Michael, has in the last couple years become my usual standby. Last summer, in the midst of my freelancing (aka starving) the “champagne of beers” was my $1.46 refreshment that would get me through the sweltering days. Now this classic beer has been given a fresh face thanks to the team over at Landor. From a press release from Landor:

“Once the flagship brand for Miller Brewing Company, Miller High Life had over time been repositioned as a below-premium beer that belied both its product quality and rich 100+ year-old heritage. In order to improve consumer perception, we contemporized and better leveraged its revered and iconic brand elements—the Miller High Life Soft Cross and the Girl in the Moon. The new visual identity allows the brand to stretch beyond the below-premium category into a more premium territory that we think positions the brand to reclaim its iconic status.”

The dazzle is in the details on this redesign. The choice of fonts, the subtle patterns and textures, the blue, reen and reds that compliment the golds of the beer/cans… it’s all spot on. What’s kinda funny is that I already thought it was an amazing packaging design, but it’s rad that they’ve stepped up their game on such a low priced product.

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  1. Jeremiah June 22, 2010 at 4:11 PM

    Looks excellent, but like you said it already did. Now let’s just hope that this doesn’t mean that the price will be stretching “beyond the below-premium category into a more premium territory.”

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  3. drew June 23, 2010 at 8:22 PM

    Highlife has always imho had a pretty good look, but these subtle changes really do add a whole lot. 6-pack of tallboys (The only way to drink canned beer) for $5 has been the standard ’round this way for a while, love it!

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