HUH. Magazine Interview with Harmony Korine

The folks over at HUH. Magazine have a little interview up with director Harmony Korine who talks about his new movie Trash Humpers… yes, it’s about people who hump trash. If you’re a fan of Harmony Korine this isn’t really all that weird, but this is certainly one of his more colorful movies. It seems that the movie is only playing internationally for now but I’m hoping this comes to LA soon.

Here’s a little snippet from the interview I really liked:

The characters are pretty extreme. Unlike some of your other work, like Julien Donkey Boy, or Mister Lonely that deals with mental health issues in quite a complex way, the characters in Trash Humpers seem completely without morals.

Yeah, they just transcended morality, or that kind of balance. They destroy things, but they turned it into an art form, like they lived in terms of opposites. It was almost like they were living so much on the fringe that they became these kind of shape shifters or abstractions and their reality was what they invented, and it became something beautiful to them. All these ideas of destruction became a creative act. So in that way you can look at them almost as artists.


June 22, 2010