Sunday are for Lovers

In the introduction to Sundays are for Lovers, Maria Alexandra Vettese draws a line between people who approach Sunday with an element of trepidation and anxiety and people who suffuse their Sundays with a sense of languid joy and ease. While the former are overcome with the awareness that Sunday represents the final day of respite before the realities of the week take hold, the latter camp appreciate the final moments of the weekend. With a certain charm, elegance and generosity, Sundays are for Lovers is a book that celebrates the possibilities of this day.

Divided into four sections – eat, rest, laugh and love – Vettese has curated an exquisite book that features contributions from accomplished artists, illustrators, photographers, stylists and writers; each providing an insight into how they spend their Sundays. There is a selection of simple cocktail recipes from Molly Wizenberg; a wistful reflection on past lovers, as evoked through objects, by Caitlin Mociun; a photographic series that records a relaxed pub session with Albam and Brian Ferry; and playful illustrations that combine graphic beauty and cheeky word play by Deb Wood. And that is just a small sampling of what is contained within the book’s pages.

Adding another layer of intimacy, each contributor was required to answer a series of questions addressing things such as what they like to eat on Sundays and what brings out their Sunday smile. Soaking in the content of each page, as I curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea, I felt that I had experienced the ultimate Sunday in the company of an incredibly inspiring and talented group of people.

You can order a copy of Sundays are for Lovers through the Lines and Shapes shop. I seriously recommend that you do.


June 21, 2010