Keith Haring on Blik

It’s not SpongeBob. You may already be familiar with Blik, the removable wall decals that can spruce up your apartment without affecting your security deposit, but did you know Blik recently added several Keith Haring designs?  If you remember the 1980’s and 90’s, you probably remember seeing one of his radiant babies or hearts, both of which are available to stick on your wall.  But my favorite design is the Untitled Face.

The first instances of the three-eyed face that I’m aware of are from 1981 in an untitled painting and in 1982 a mural in the bowery. The mural’s location is (or was) en route from Haring apartment and studio, and covered by piles of trash; so one day he got a shovel, removed fifty bags of trash from in front of the wall, and painted. The original mural was covered over only a few months of display in the summer of 1982. The mural was re-painted in 2008 by Deitch Projects to commemorate what would have been Haring’s 50th birthday. In July 2009 the commemorative mural was covered by a Os Gemeos mural.  In 2010, the Os Gemeos mural was covered with a Shepard Farey mural.

Maybe in ten years your mural will grace the corner of Bower and Houston, and maybe thirty years after that someone will turn your design into a giant, removable sticker for your wall. Until then you can have a fragment of the original Haring mural smiling down from your wall: reminding your of your ambition and reminding uninformed guests of an animated sponge.


June 16, 2010