Volkswagen Milano Taxi Concept

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything car related but this new taxi concept called the Milano by Volkswagen certainly grabbed my attention. While I was in New York it was so nice riding everywhere in cabs. They were clean (mostly), quick and it was sooo easy to pay, just swipe your card and you’re good to go. Here in Los Angeles cabs are antiquated, try paying with a credit card and you’ll get sass from the grizzled driver. That’s why this concept is so appealing to me, it’s a perfect people mover.

First off it’s electric, which means it can go 186 miles between charges and go a maximum of 74 MPH. It’s also got only two seats for passengers and the trunk has been moved to the front, passenger seat for easy access to your luggage. It’s also got a little touchscreen which not only allows you to pay for your ride but you can also “call up information (in various languages) about “points of interest” (POIs) along the route, navigation data (route overview, remaining route and arrival time), weather data and the current date and time.”


June 15, 2010