Emory Allen

I received an email from a fella’ named Emory Allen the other day letting me know about his work and I come across some really fun stuff. First up is the two images above which are called Fight Dirty. Funny enough it’s the same image just flipped 180ยบ… could you tell? It’s amazing how he was able to make the text work both right side up and upside down, not to mention that the fighting guys are awesome looking as well.

Then he’s also got this rad little zine coming out called Lost In Patterns, which, as you might have guessed, is filled with all kinds of crazy patterns made up of wildly colored monsters and the such. It’s only 12 pages but it’s also only $4 plus shipping which is a total deal. So much good stuff to check out, I highly suggest you do so.


June 15, 2010