lightrails by strukt studio

Interactive environments have been around since before Tom Hanks danced on a giant illuminated piano in Big, but they still seem to belong to the realm of science fiction, movies and art installations. One of the driving visions seems to be of a space that is endlessly responsive and immersive. You may remember renderings of the iPad covered wall that appeared days after Apple announced the device. If you haven’t seen it, imagine a wavy wall covered almost entirely with iPads. (Because you really want to use an iPad that’s mounted to a wall 10′ off of the floor while standing shoulder to shoulder with gigantic strangers in a library.)

A less tortured vision is Lightrails by Strukt Studio in collaboration with unheilbar architektur. The installation is currently on exhibit at the Kunsthalle Wien on permanent display at club Pratersauna in Vienna and surely delighting folks brave enough to step on the ends of the stripes. Not that the stripes are dangerous, I just tend to avoid stepping on things in art galleries.


June 10, 2010