Pretty Foods

Whenever I am feeling a wee bit shabby, the first thing that I usually do is reach for a cookbook. I often have no intention of actually cooking anything; however, I find it oddly comforting to look at images of food. As I turn the pages I often ponder: if only I could locate a place where every food group imaginable is covered in oozing melted chocolate, cakes are made of a thousand rainbow-coloured layers and dull ingredients are shaped into love hearts.

Does such a magical land exist? Why, yes it does. Pretty Foods & Pretty Drinks is a tumblelog that posts food imagery based on one selection criterion: it has to be pretty. And some of the food is so extreme on the pretty-scale that I started to feel my teeth aching as I gazed wide-eyed, and slightly salivating, at the tumblelog’s photographs. Fortunately, calories can’t be gained through looking.


June 9, 2010