Favela Painting

Urban renewal has always been one of my favorite kinds of design, there’s just something about taking something that needs some love and giving it the proper attention and care to make it shine again. The Favela Painting project is a perfect example of such an endeavor. Started by Dutch designers Jeroen Koolhas and Dre Urhahn they created a community based art intervention in Vila Cruzeiro, Brazil, a place that’s definitely in need of some love. They ultimately painted an entire hillside of homes with amazingly bright colors, bringing life and wonder to the once drab neighborhood.

It’s kind of rad how something as simple as painting a bunch of houses can change the feeling of a place. I sincerely hope this helps bring the neighborhood together and makes the the people happier. I feel like if I lived there I would be pretty excited to come home after a long day of work.

Found through ArchDaily


June 9, 2010