‘The Curse’ by Josh Ritter

Has a puppet show ever made you cry? If your answer is no then this video might just change that fact. The song is taken from Josh Ritter’s newest album So Runs The World Away called The Curse, one of my absolute favorites in fact.

The video is centered around the story of an archaeologist who discovers an Egyptian mummy and they begin to fall in love. They live a wonderful life together but unfortunately the mummy is immortal while the archaeologist is mortal and subject to the effects of time.

Honestly I got pretty misty eyed watching this video. It’s a combination of Josh Ritter’s amazing vocals and the strangely emotional puppets. It should also be noted that the video was directed by Liam Hurley, who is the bands drummer. It has a very Being John Malkovich vibe to it, but maybe I’m just saying that because I know nothing about marionette puppets. Nonetheless I’d suggest taking the time to soak in this beautiful piece of music/art.


June 8, 2010