Hairy Bikers Potato Crisps

I haven’t eaten potato chips in quite a while, it’s just one of those things I’m trying to give up since, well, there’s not a whole lot that’s good about them. But I spotted these new chips by Hairy Bikers and I had to post them for the packaging alone.

The design was done by the folks over at Here Design whom you might also remember from their work on the amazing Geometry of Pasta cookbook. The mixture of colors, type, shapes and lines absolutely sell these. I love that the prawn flavor is pink and red, and it’s awesome that they let the metallic color of the packaging shine through on details like their faces and the Hairy Bikers World logo. It’s classic and contemporary neatly packaged together, ultimately creating something quite fun.

And how yummy do those flavors sound?!

Found through GraphicHug


June 8, 2010