Folk Object

The other day I came across the blog of Clifton Burt, a graphic designer from Portland and husband to the multi-talented Kate Bingaman-Burt. While perusing his blog I noticed this little banner to a mini-blog he runs called Folk Object, and I couldn’t resist clicking it. Clif describes it as “a collection that I’m currently curating on Tumblr. It pulls together some ideas on ornamentation, authenticity, and explores the boundaries of what is and isn’t folk.”

The tone reminds me a lot of Reference Library with lots of old, handmade items, some intricate, some brightly colored but all quite interesting. I think the allure for me is that it’s kind of the opposite of the things I post on here. The things Clif posts are similar to a curated history book, with bits and pieces of amazing, older pieces.


June 8, 2010