Imagine you are visiting the Moulin Rouge in Paris. You have just finished checking out the famous windmill and want to make your way to the Eiffel Tower, but you have forgotten your trusty pocket map. Merde! But don’t panic, for if you have Maptote’s 100% natural cotton Paris bag on your shoulder, you will find your way in no time.*

Based in Brooklyn, Maptote is the creative baby of Rachel Rheingold (a fashion stylist) and Michael Berick (a cartographer). Combining environmentally friendly design with cartographical panache, their silkscreened cotton totes feature locations ranging from the Catskills to London to Tuscany. I must admit that, as a tote lover and a map geek, their products feel like they were made for me. For those who are not into tote bags, Rheingold and Berick’s designs are also displayed on zip pouches, notecards, winetotes and baby onesies.

The totes featured above include the Los Angeles grocery tote in metallic (for Bobby – the LA boy), the USA grocery tote in red (for Alex – this was the closest I could find to Guntown, Mississippi), the Tokyo organic tote and the Paris natural hobo tote. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Hong Kong tote.

* I should state that I cannot actually guarantee that you will successfully find your way from Pigalle to the Eiffel Tower without a real map, but, you must admit, it is a lovely theory.


June 7, 2010