Tsang Kin-wah

The work of Hong Kong artist Tsang Kin-wah spans a variety of artistic mediums; however, it is his text murals that have made me stop in my tracks. Producing a living wallpaper effect that transforms language into an abstract and moving form, his art attempts to question and subvert values and ideologies that are accepted in contemporary society.

The digital video installations presented above are part of a series entitled The Seven Seals (2009-present). The highly intellectual approach of this project draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources including “the Bible, Judeo-Christian eschatology, existentialism, metaphysics, politics…which all attempt to articulate the complex situation of the world and the dilemmas that people are facing while approaching ‘the end of the world’.”

Irrespective of the post-apocalyptic undertones, there is no denying that Tsang’s art practice results in a hypnotic and surreal visual aesthetic that is as sensual as it is thought provoking.

His work is currently exhibited as part of the 17th Biennale of Sydney and will be a part of the Archi Triennale in Nagoya later this year.


June 4, 2010