Nylon Guys TV + Liam Gallagher

Back in the days when I was attending high school, there was a distinct divide in the student cohort: you either listened to Brit pop or grunge music and never the twain shall meet. I was Brit pop all the way and still have the Oasis, Blur and Suede albums to prove it. Plus, I’m pretty sure that there’s an Elastica cassette hidden somewhere too.

So it was with a mixture of delight and amusement that I watched this video from Nylon TV with Liam Gallagher, as he discusses his particular take on fashion with his label Pretty Green. I was left wondering: Is Liam Gallagher a style icon and should he be influencing the way modern men dress? I quite like the black military coat that he models in the middle of the video, but I think I will leave the final answers to those questions open to the male readership.

Just remember: “If the shoes are right I think everything else falls into place, you know what I mean?”

I most certainly do, Liam.


June 3, 2010