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‘Objects of my Confection’ by Ammiel Mendoza

When you appropriate the presentation style utilised in taxonomy – which is usually the territory of natural history museums – and then substitute candy for insects, you end up with this rather delightful piece by Ammiel Mendoza. Finding a unique way to draw together her love of sweets and invertebrates, Mendoza has presented her favourite types of confectionary in various forms of dissection and deconstruction.

Simultaneously a personal and artistic statement, as well as a strangely delicious-looking image, “Objects of my Confection” is just one of the many pieces of whimsy available for viewing on Mendoza’s online portfolio. This, however, is probably the only artwork that will result in sugar cravings.


How Much Longer: Sneaker Edition.

Colorful things can be delightful or acrimonious. Maybe that should be achromonious. I’ve always appreciated a nice contrast lining or colorful sock… but do candy-colored sneakers go too far? In 2008, I bought a pair of fluorescent-yellow vans, convincing myself that because I walked everywhere it was a good idea, from the standpoint of visibility, to buy them. Or maybe that should be walkingpoint of visibility.

Nobody ran over me on the way home from the shoe store.

But as my sunny shoes get ready to stomp out two candles on their birthday cake, I’m more anxious to wear the yield signs on my feet than I used to be. Even companies like Creative Recreation seem to be pushing their hue/saturation slider into a more conservative territory. Maybe this colorblindness is imagined, or maybe we’ve moved on to the exciting world of grey. Or maybe that should be gray.

So do you have some polychrome kicks that you’ll be polishing this summer? or will you walk toward the future in bleached canvas? And how much longer before my eye-grabbing footwear fades into the landfills of Crocs and Uggs.  Or maybe that should be Ughs.


Cant Desk and Scoop Task Chair by Blu Dot

I took about 14,000 photos of furniture and products from the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) so I’ll be sharing fun things spread out across the week. First off though I wanted to share what was hands down my favorite pieces of furniture in the entire show, which come from the design-y brains of Blu Dot.

These pieces are called the Cant Desk and the Scoop Task Chair, which were paired up during the show and they look amazing together, though you definitely have to purchase them separately. For some reason I totally freaked out when I saw these beauties, something about all the clean edges and the mixing of materials really got me.

I love the Cant Desk because of the mixture of wood and metals. The way the legs descend into their wooden counterparts and the perforated steel shelf/ledge on the top make my heart swoon. Then there’s the Scoop Task Chair which is one of the comfiest chairs I’ve ever sat in. Yet again they do a wonderful job of mixing steel with wood and fabric to create a beauty of a chair.

The Cant Desk and the Scoop Task Chair are going to set you back $599 each and come out this fall, so if you’ve fallen in love like I have you’ll have to wait quite a while to get your hands on these. I’ve posted some official press images so you can getting a clearer look at these pieces.

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Where They Create

While Bobby has been leading a terrifically exciting existence in New York, I have had to make do with travels of the virtual kind and have immersed myself in Where They Create, a creative environments project by Australian photographer Paul Barbera.

Barbera, who predominantly specialises in the photography of interior spaces, provides access into the private and cloistered sites inhabited by a diverse selection of creative types. The series features artists, graphic designers, film collectives, jewellers and fashion designers from a variety of locations, ranging from Australia to Hong Kong to the Netherlands.

There is a lovely intimacy captured in Barbera’s photographs that highlights the beauty of the artistic process, as opposed to the final result. I particularly admire the manner in which his series produces the wonderfully voyeuristic sensation of peering undisturbed into another person’s personal space. Overall, it makes for very inspiring viewing and is a great way to counteract unfulfilled desires of wanderlust.


The Eyeballing Game

In an effort to lift your eyelids this Monday, I am directing your shortened attention span to the eyeballing game. Developed by a woodworker for his friends, the game consists of a series of tasks intended to determine how accurately you can eyeball things. It would be interesting to know how designers fared compared to non-designers, and how designers fared against each other: are graphic designers more precise than architects? Do fashion designers shame industrial designers? My average is 3.91… neither fantastic nor shabby. How’d you do?

Reed Space & Obey Pop-Up Shop

Yesterday I was walking around SoHo, visiting all the little shops I read about online but have never had the opportunity to visit before. High on my list was Reed Space which is run by Jeff Staple, who in my opinion, is one of the best businessmen out there. Funny enough as I was eating brunch Jeff tweeted that he was in the shop and people should come out and say hi… done and done.

First I hit up the Reed Annex which seems to me like the artsy, gallery side of Reed Space. Currently there’s an Obey Pop-Up Shop in the space right right now which is a mixture of Obey clothing as well as original pieces of art. It was a nice fusion of gallery and shop that worked rather well. I also grabbed the striped Obey t-shirt you see below, which is totally comfy and I might be wearing it right now.

After that I went next door to the main Reed Space and it’s an amazing little shop. It’s filled with t-shirts, shoes, magazines, high end clothes, paper goods, kind of everything and anything you can imagine. I also grabbed the MHI button up above cuz’ I liked that it was a bit more desaturated than shirts I would normally get. Colorful but not candy coated. I also had a chance to talk with Mr. Jeff Staple himself and he was a really nice and genuine guy.

I have this strong opinion that the most successful people out there are those who treat people the best. Sure, you need to have a good sense for business, an eye out for what’s next and so on and so forth, but if you’re shit with people you’re not getting anywhere. The most successful people in the world rely on other people to do things for them. If those people don’t feel like they’re being treated well you’re not getting anywhere. Kind of off topic, but I feel like Jeff embodies this in everything he does.

I also grabbed this book of matches which I thought were funny. If you have a chance to visit Reed Space I’d highly recommend it.


‘Born in Brazil’ – Presented by Wallpaper*

After the Joey Roth event Michael and I popped over to the Born in Brazil exhibit which was put on by the folks over at Wallpaper* magazine. The exhibit featured a wonderful collection of Brazilian furniture, giving a spotlight to the talented designers of the country. There were a lot of amazing pieces, though I’d have to say the minimal table in the second photo above was absolute favorite. The way the drawers seamlessly fit into the table is wonderful, the color of the wood is beautiful and I love how the metal legs connect to the tabletop. Such a beautiful piece.

I also had a chat to meet-up with Nadine Johnson, the person who I have to thank for getting me my room at The Mercer. I first met her at the opening of the PRISM Gallery in Los Angeles but it was great to catch up with her again. Thanks Nadine!

There are more photos of the exhibit and fancy people sitting on the furniture under the cut.

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‘Sounds Like, An Exhibition’

Last night I went to my first offsite ICFF party which was an exhibit curated by Joey Roth called Sounds Like. The exhibit featured Joey’s amazing ceramic speakers, which you might remember he sent me earlier this year, where he had artists, designers and musicians customize the speakers in their own way. The list of participating artists was pretty amazing, including David Lynch (who did the speakers in the third photo), Matthew Waldman of Nooka watch fame, Tobias Wong, Sruli Recht, Miho Hatori from Ciba Mato, Ben Frost, Matmos and many more.

It was a really fun event and it was wonderful to meet Joey in person, who’s such a talented guy. You can see in the second photo the giant, hand-blown glass speakers he created and I absolutely fell in love with. He said that he didn’t have any plans to make them on a large scale but I think some fancy rich folks would buy these puppies in a heartbeat! I also thought it was rad that the DJ was using a tenori-on Novation Launchpad while to play the music, so much fun. Really nice to meet Matthew Waldman and Michael Surtees, both of whom were really super nice.

I’ve posted more photos from the exhibit as well, so be sure to take a peak.

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‘Our Younger Noise’ by Letting up Despite Great Faults

One band I’ve been listening to quite a lot lately is Letting Up Despite Great Faults, who actually have a new video for their song Our Younger Noise. I think the song is one of the best on the album, kind fo Postal Service sounding music with breathy vocals that go along perfectly with it. The video itself kind of reminds me of The Smashing Punpkins video for 1979 mixed with something Michel Gondry might do. It was directed by Christopher J. Ewing whom I think did a pretty rad job.

What’s really funny is that the guy in the video is my really good friend Jesse Rice, who I’ve known for like 4 years or so now, so that was a really fun surprise. Go Jesse! Anyhow, watch the video and definitely pick up their new, self-titled album.


Fanelli Cafe

For lunch today I met my good (Internet) friend Hamish Robertson who’s a fancy writer/web dude over at Vanity Fair. He’s probably going to be embarrassed that I’m writing this but that’s kind of the fun of it. We were going to eat at this tiny, hidden burger joint but as it turned out it wasn’t so hidden anymore, as there was a line of 30 to 40 people waiting to get in… whoops. So instead we came back to SoHo and went across the street from The Mercer to Fanelli Cafe.

From what Hamish told me Fanelli is the oldest liquor serving bar in Downtown New York, their license going back to the late 1800’s, as you can see in the photo above. They had an amazing burger which I ordered medium rare and it was drippy and delicious. I’d also suggest the chiptole mayo to dip your frys in, it was pretty yummy. The view of the restaurant is actually from my room, yet another reason I’m so giddy about staying at The Mercer.