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The Animal Series by Okayboss

It’s a pretty common fact that just about every other band out there is named after an animal. The biggest band the world’s ever seen were named after beetles and the trend hasn’t lost any steam, especially as of the last 15 years. With that in mind Okayboss has created a series of animal band inspired prints that feature his beautiful illustrations. The series so far includes Animal Collective, The Dodos, Grizzly Bear, Wolf Parade, Modest Mouse, Deerhunter, The Mountain Goats and Noah and the Whale.

I’m the first to admit that I’m kind of over prints in general, but hot damn is is his work amazing. It’s all so playful and colorful, like hard drugs for your eyeballs. My absolute favorite are the Animal Collective (top) and Wolf Parade (bottom) posters, there’s just so much life and exuberance to these, I can’t stop smiling over them.

Each poster measures in at 12″ x 16″, come in a limited edition of 50 and are printed on 310gsm Canson Rag Archival Fine Art paper. Each is only $45, which isn’t honestly too bad. And you’re in the mood for something larger there’s always the 18″ x 24″… Click here to visit the Okayboss Shop.


Typography for Lawyers

Typography for Lawyers is a useful resource for those of us who didn’t study graphic design in school and want to avoid snide looks from our friends who did. Maybe you are a Lawyer, and have been wanting to add pizzaz to your next memo by selecting a new typeface… maybe you just want to distinguish between en and em dashes for personal pleasure. In either instance, Butterick (the site’s creator) explains the principles clearly. For instance, about font selection he says: “Distinctive is fine; goofy is not. Novelty fonts, weird fonts, outline fonts, shadow fonts—these have no place in any document created by a lawyer. Save it for your next career as a designer of breakfast-cereal boxes.”

While the site’s emphasis is on legal writing, but much of the sites content is easily applied to type outside the lexicon of lexis nexis.


‘Moonlight Kawasaki Ride’ by JETSKIIS

I got an email earlier tonight from a band named JETSKIIS who describe themselves as “a singer living under house arrest, a bassist without a valid mailing address, two recently unemployed drummers, and a guitarist in the midst of a gender epiphany.” Nonetheless I took a chance and decided to listen to what they were selling.

As it turns out they make some pretty fun music. The call it ‘island skuzz’, which is one of the most disgusting descriptions I’ve ever heard, but as it turns out it’s kind of rad. They sound a bit like Roxy Music, very lo-fi, and it really works. Definitely curious to hear more from these guys.


Soon Will Be The Break Of Day | A Mix by Pollyn

Soon Will Be The Break Of Day | A Mix by Pollyn
Click here to download

Last week was kinda stressful with traveling and trying to get my life back into order so unfortunately I didn’t have time to put together a quality Mixcast. To make up for it I’ve decided to release a Mixtape that was put together by the folks of Pollyn. This Los Angeles based band is made up of vocalist Genevieve Artadi, guitarist Anthony Cava, and beatmaker Adam Jay Weissman, who together make dark and moody music fronted by a beautiful voice and backed by rad beats.

They’re having a show this Saturday at Bordello here in Los Angeles with The Robotanists which I’m actually presenting. It’s always fun to try new things! So I thought it would be awesome if they made a little Mixtape and then gave it away to you. It’s a pretty wide range of songs from all over the place but I think you’ll really like. You’ll also have to check it out for their cover for Tom’s Diner, it’s absolutely top notch.

If you’re in Los Angeles this weekend be sure to snag some tickets to the show by clicking here, they’re only $10. And for more information and music from Pollyn click here. Big thanks to Pollyn for making such a rad mix.

Enjoy the Mixtape and I’ll be back next week with a brand new Mixcast, cross my heart.

1. Blue Jay Way – The Beatles
2. Bad Trip – Cilibrinas Do Eden
3. The Amazing Sounds of Orgy – Radiohead
4. Hearts Entwine – Branda Ray
5. Histoire A Suivre – The Honeymoon Killers
6. Tom’s Diner – Pollyn
7. Destination Vertical – Masha Qrella
8. King Kong – Psapp
9. My Rocky Mountain – Erik Sumo
10. Lawdy Rolla – The Guerrillas
11. Roscoe (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Remix) – Midlake
12. Black Balloon – The Kills
13. Nightless Night – Husky Rescue
14. Ice House – The Creatures
15. D.A.R.E (Pollyn Remix) – Gorillaz
16. Captain Easychord – Stereolab
17. Moscow Nights – The Feelies
18. Purple (Ummah Remix) – Crustation
19. All Is Full of Love – Bitone
20. This Deed – Electrelane



I haven’t done a #musicmonday post in a while, I feel like I hadn’t been listening to anything really new and exciting lately. But that’s all changed and now I have all kinds of rad tunes to share.

First up is Ratatat and their upcoming album LP4 which comes out June 8th. I wouldn’t say this album is a vast departure from any of their others but there’s still something new and fresh about it. The production sounds crisper, they’ve introduced strings in some songs but it’s still the Ratatat you’ve grown to love. Then there’s Smog, who’s A River Ain’t Too Much To Love album was playing for a good chunk of time. I’d highly suggest listening to I Feel Like The Mother of the World if you’re curious.

As I posted last night I listened to the new Catacombkid album Deep Sleep quite a bit. Like I said it’s great to listen to while you work, plus it’s free, so you can’t beat that. After that came Avi Buffalo, which yes, I’m still listening to. I can’t get over this album, it’s struck me so perfectly. When I don’t know what to listen to lately, this is the first thing that goes on. Then there’s Seabear, who I also just posted about, and their new one We Built A Fire. I had been meaning to get this album for a while and I randomly remembered it was out, so I immediately snagged it. So far I love it, though I’m trying not to play it out. There’s something about the lead singers voice that I totally love.

Rounding things out are the new albums from Flying Lotus, Born Ruffians and my old standby Deerhunter. Both the Flying Lotus and Born Ruffians albums are pretty good, but they’re still growing on me, I haven’t been totally enamored yet.

If you’re on feel free to add me by clicking here.


OneZeroZero Design Studio

There is definitely something special about stationery designed in Korea. Not content to simply design a notebook that is functional, brands such as O-Check Design Graphics and Millimeter/Milligram create stationery with idiosyncratic and fun elements.

The latest Korean stationery and home wares label to capture my attention is OneZeroZero Design Studio, a brand that successfully marries a minimalist aesthetic with smart details. Under its eccentric design direction, a stack of plain white memo sheets look like fractured glass, a clock conveys the time old complaint that women generally make men wait and a bookmark plays with the idea that reading allows for growth. OneZeroZero’s products are ideal for a little visual pick-me-up while you’re slogging away at work. Plus, they’re better for you than a hit of caffeine.

The featured products are In Spring ruler, The Gardener bookmark, She Always Makes Him Wait clock and Broken Paper memo sheets.


Video for ‘Wolfboy’ by Seabear

All morning I’ve been listening to ‘We Built A Fire’, the newest album from Icelandic band Seabear so I thought I’d share a song off the album. This one is called Wolfboy and it’s the last track on the album. I love seeing performances like this because you can see just how talented these folks are. They’re like the Icelandic Arcade Fire! If you dig this song be sure to check out the album, I have a feeling this is going into my Best of Summer 2K10 albums list.


Eric Gjerde

In my hands, paper cranes unfold into ugly ducklings. Origami is hard. Do your paper swans make you cocky? Perhaps you were unaware of Eric Gjerde. His work consists of complex patterns executed with such talent that your cranes look like they flew from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico directly into your clumsy hands. What a mess.

What’s more impressive about Gjerde’s work is that it’s well-documented on his own site and his flickr page. In his words: “I really dislike the lack of information sharing in the origami world.” Who knew the origami world was just like BP?


‘Deep Sleep’ by Catacombkid, Free Album Download

I figured the best way to start out the week is with lots of free music so how about a new release from Catacombkid? I got a Facebook message last night from Harrison Mills, Catacombkid’s real name, letting me know that he had just released a new record that was free to download over on Bandcamp called Deep Sleep. I’ve been listening to the record all night and it’s pretty damn good stuff. Mostly electronic beats and the such, lots of piano and overall it’s just great music to listen to while I’ve been working.

If you enjoy this one you should also check out his last release called All My Friend Are Wolves. It’s also free to download via Bandcamp and you can find it here. Thanks for the tunes Harrison!


Space Suit of the Week

Space suits are very complex. It’s like wearing a building… or an airplane minus the jet engines. Recently, I’ve devoted some time to better understanding just what kind of engineering goes into and onto these suits. ILC Dover is a Delaware-based company that actually makes space suits or, as they explain it, engineer softgoods products; their website is full of information about their company’s involvement with the Apollo Missions and the fact that it takes 5000 hours of work to produce a single space suit.

This doesn’t explain why their suits have an insult drink bag. For one, I think any bag that holds liquid is correctly referred to as a bladder. Secondly, while I know insult is short of insulation, isn’t it strange to imagine folks in space suits shouting insults at each other? Or fighting? The suit limits you from starting a fight by throwing water on Buzz Aldrin’s face… the option of throwing a bladder against his suit and watching it bounce off into space doesn’t invoke as much anger as it does curiosity.

But what I’m trying to say is that if you have a question about space suits, ask me. It doesn’t have to be about the technical aspects of the suits, but can be. Your question doesn’t have to center around cosmic couture, but can. Your question doesn’t have to concern astronauts fighting robots, but can. If I can’t answer, I’ll point you to someone who can, and future Space Suit of the Week entries will reflect your interesting inquiries.