This week’s #musicmonday looks quite a lot like last week’s but with a few minor changes in position. What I thought was kind of interesting was the sheer amount of music I listened to. By adding just the top 8 bands I listened to you get 446 songs. If we assume that an average album has 12 songs on it that means I listened to roughly 37 albums in a week, and that’s not including anything that didn’t make it into the top 8. It actually kind of surprises me to see that a person only listened to like 20 songs in a week, I think I’d go crazy. I have a need to listen to music constantly, whether I’m writing this blog post or I’m traveling on the bus.

I mentioned Seabear last week and I need to mention them again this week, you must check out their new album We Built a Fire. It’s a beautiful record with perfect vocals and both upbeat songs and mellow melodies. After that was Ratatat and their new album LP4 which comes out next Tuesday. I’ve talked to a few people about the album and while it might not be anything new and groundbreaking for the guys it’s still an amazing album. They’ve really continued to sort of explore this niche they’ve carved out for themselves and it’s never sounded better.

Be sure to check out the rest of these artists as well if you’re looking for new music, it’s a pretty diverse week. And if you’d like to add me on Last.fm you can click here.


May 31, 2010