Ofr. Film Portraits: Charly Sun

Ofr. is a bookstore and cultural hub located in the third arrondisement of Paris. The Ofr. community, which has been described as a “modern gang”, publish books, as well as host art exhibitions, musical happenings and special pop-up events. For those of us who are sadly unable to just stroll along Paris’ cobbled streets to the Ofr. bookstore on rue Dupetit-Thouars, they have kindly recorded and collated some Ofr. moments in a small video series entitled “Film Portraits.”

Their latest clip features Parisian folk pop duo Charly Sun, performing their song “Season of Lies.” Musicians such as Bob Dylan and Belle and Sebastian inspire Adrien Tronquart and Manuel Etienne’s songs, and their music is a melange of softly strummed guitars, melodic whistles and hand claps. Not to mention that their lyrics are delivered in that faintly accented English that makes many a girl weak at the knees. If this sounds like something that might tickle your fancy, they are definitely worth a listen.

I also highly recommend that you have a browse through the other films portraits from Ofr., as their short films showcase really interesting work from local artists and musicians. In my book, this kind of platform encapsulates the true beauty of utilising the Internet to transcend geographical borders.


May 27, 2010