Typography for Lawyers

Typography for Lawyers is a useful resource for those of us who didn’t study graphic design in school and want to avoid snide looks from our friends who did. Maybe you are a Lawyer, and have been wanting to add pizzaz to your next memo by selecting a new typeface… maybe you just want to distinguish between en and em dashes for personal pleasure. In either instance, Butterick (the site’s creator) explains the principles clearly. For instance, about font selection he says: “Distinctive is fine; goofy is not. Novelty fonts, weird fonts, outline fonts, shadow fonts—these have no place in any document created by a lawyer. Save it for your next career as a designer of breakfast-cereal boxes.”

While the site’s emphasis is on legal writing, but much of the sites content is easily applied to type outside the lexicon of lexis nexis.


May 25, 2010