Amandine Alessandra

The portfolio of London-based photographer and graphic designer Amandine Alessandra is a typography lover’s wonderland. Using language as the raw material for her art, Alessandra skilfully transforms words into embodied forms composed of varying shapes and textures. Moving beyond ideas of language as something that is simply heard or read off a page, the communicative possibilities of text are rendered multi-sensory, whereby words are highly visual and tactile objects.

My favourite pieces in her extensive body of work are the typographic installations that display Alessandra’s deft hand at physically embedding language into the urban landscape. The words that she creates – whether constructed through handwoven embroidery, the sprinkling of birdseed, or via bodies – work to construct an alternative architecture that literalises the fleeting nature of language. Her pieces are like secret messages that leave a trace on urban space, waiting to be deciphered before they disappear.


May 25, 2010