Video for ‘Wolfboy’ by Seabear

All morning I’ve been listening to ‘We Built A Fire’, the newest album from Icelandic band Seabear so I thought I’d share a song off the album. This one is called Wolfboy and it’s the last track on the album. I love seeing performances like this because you can see just how talented these folks are. They’re like the Icelandic Arcade Fire! If you dig this song be sure to check out the album, I have a feeling this is going into my Best of Summer 2K10 albums list.


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  1. Paul May 25, 2010 at 12:34 PM

    Have you checked out Sing Fang Bous ( Seabear’s singer/guitarist Sindri Mar Sigfusson’s side project. I saw them with múm last winter in Minneapolis and they were excellent!

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