OneZeroZero Design Studio

There is definitely something special about stationery designed in Korea. Not content to simply design a notebook that is functional, brands such as O-Check Design Graphics and Millimeter/Milligram create stationery with idiosyncratic and fun elements.

The latest Korean stationery and home wares label to capture my attention is OneZeroZero Design Studio, a brand that successfully marries a minimalist aesthetic with smart details. Under its eccentric design direction, a stack of plain white memo sheets look like fractured glass, a clock conveys the time old complaint that women generally make men wait and a bookmark plays with the idea that reading allows for growth. OneZeroZero’s products are ideal for a little visual pick-me-up while you’re slogging away at work. Plus, they’re better for you than a hit of caffeine.

The featured products are In Spring ruler, The Gardener bookmark, She Always Makes Him Wait clock and Broken Paper memo sheets.


May 24, 2010