I haven’t done a #musicmonday post in a while, I feel like I hadn’t been listening to anything really new and exciting lately. But that’s all changed and now I have all kinds of rad tunes to share.

First up is Ratatat and their upcoming album LP4 which comes out June 8th. I wouldn’t say this album is a vast departure from any of their others but there’s still something new and fresh about it. The production sounds crisper, they’ve introduced strings in some songs but it’s still the Ratatat you’ve grown to love. Then there’s Smog, who’s A River Ain’t Too Much To Love album was playing for a good chunk of time. I’d highly suggest listening to I Feel Like The Mother of the World if you’re curious.

As I posted last night I listened to the new Catacombkid album Deep Sleep quite a bit. Like I said it’s great to listen to while you work, plus it’s free, so you can’t beat that. After that came Avi Buffalo, which yes, I’m still listening to. I can’t get over this album, it’s struck me so perfectly. When I don’t know what to listen to lately, this is the first thing that goes on. Then there’s Seabear, who I also just posted about, and their new one We Built A Fire. I had been meaning to get this album for a while and I randomly remembered it was out, so I immediately snagged it. So far I love it, though I’m trying not to play it out. There’s something about the lead singers voice that I totally love.

Rounding things out are the new albums from Flying Lotus, Born Ruffians and my old standby Deerhunter. Both the Flying Lotus and Born Ruffians albums are pretty good, but they’re still growing on me, I haven’t been totally enamored yet.

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May 24, 2010