Video for ‘Rabbit Song’ by Boy & Bear

The current darlings of the Australian indie music scene, Boy & Bear have just released their first EP and are already attracting their fair share of attention. The detractors have claimed that they are derivative of the 1970s folk sound popularised by Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver; however, I would like to sing their praises and I can think of no better way than sharing their music video for “Rabbit Song.”

The video does a brilliant job of visually representing the guitar-driven melody and choral harmonies of the song by following a disenchanted man as he is drawn into an urban game of Cowboys and Indians. It’s the sort of video that makes covering your face in war paint, donning a crazy headdress made out of ties and meeting up with a woodlands cult in the forest strangely appealing. Or maybe it’s just appealing to me.


May 20, 2010