Piers Fawkes of PSFK on the Creator Class

While I was in New York I had the opportunity to meet up with Piers Fawkes, one of the founders of design website/consultancy PSFK. The PSFK offices were actually right around the corner from my hotel so I popped in and had a wonderful chat with Piers. We talked about a lot of things like how we’re in an age of premium curation and ways in which you can focus and aggregate that energy as well as a bunch of other things. He’s a really smart guy with a ton of ideas and it was really inspiring to share some of my future projects with him and get his advice.

The video above though is a great example of a lot of the ideas and opinions swirling around his head, most of which I’m totally in agreeance on. The video is about 30 minutes long and it’s one of those things you can listen to while you work. I highly suggest taking the time and soak in some of his ideas.


May 20, 2010